L’Ara com’era

L'Ara com'era

L'Ara com'era

Comune di Roma / Ett Spa / Inglobe Technologies


The Ara Pacis Museum in Rome features one of the most important monuments coming from the Campo Marzio during the regency of emperor Augustus. The altar was dedicated to Pax, the Roman goddess of Peace. In 2016 the Roman Superintendence for Cultural Heritage launched a tender for the valorization of the Museum by means of Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies. 


Creating a visiting path along different points of interest around the monument and inside the museum supported by a reliable and engaging experience running on suitable wearable Mixed Reality headsets. The solution had to be robust and take into account the fact that the monument and other elements in the museum are 3D objects.


While working together with ETT SpA, we delivered a solution based on ARmedia 3D Tracking SDK to allow visitors to learn the history and cultural relevance of the monument by means of an immersive AVR experience for mobile MR headsets. The narrative path was based on 8 chapters that could be accessed at given points of interests in the museum.


3D tracking of real world objects was totally new but we managed to successfully deliver the first immersive experience based on 3D object tracking in a museum ever created worldwide.


L’Ara com’era attracted more than 75.000 visitors from its launch in October 2016. The project was fully repaid within 6 months and has been one of the most successful immersive experiences in Rome and an inspiration for future projects.

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