Our Services

Solutions Building

New Product Design

Creating a new digital product from scratch is never easy; strong of our hands on experience in Product Life Cycle Management and Product Development we help our partners design and implement new IT products

Systems Design

Thanks to our strong background on complex systems and systemic design methodologies we help our partners understand the design challenges and their possible solutions in terms of the systems that better satisfy the project constraints and goals

Systems Building

We not only help designing, we also help executing. Once a project is laid out, if there is no organization in place capable of implementing it, we can help you set up the processes and resources needed to get the things done

Building Teams from scratch

Building the right team for the right product in the area of emerging technologies is really challenging; thanks to our research experience, knowledge and network we help you set up the best possible team for your product or project

Digital and Organizational Transformation

we help design, set up and implement initiatives that will transform your organization by means of technology with the idea that successful innovation not only means maximizing quantitative KPIs but also fostering a better quality of work and improved quality of life

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Project Management

New Project and Business Startup

If you don’t have the internal resources or skills to start up your brand new initiative in the areas of Mixed Reality, AI, Machine Learning, we are here to support you with our experience, knowledge and method

Project Management

We rely on a variety of Project Management methodologies including the standard Software Engineering Methodologies, the latest SCRUM and the most advanced Interactive Design and Management approaches to support our partners in their initiatives

Project Writing and Presentation

since we have done it for ourselves in the past (+80% success rate), we are helping dozens of partners obtain EU, national or regional funding thanks to our excellent and unique Project writing and presentation abilities; we do not just write, we co-create great projects together with our partners

Strategic Marketing

getting an innovative product/service to the market requires an in-depth knowledge of the factors that impact on success; defining the path that takes your product from zero to success is what we help you do

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Business Administration

Business Advising

As experts in our domains, we can advise our partners with a deep and extended knowledge of the trends and best practices in use to run a business revolving around Emerging Technologies

Accounting and Reporting

We support you in implementing effective accounting and reporting processes for routine or special projects, including special EU, national and regional funded projects


As business owners we can help your organization, company or startup plan your resource allocation to accomplish your goals; we help gather and use information to evaluate the performance of used resources including human, physical, financial and also the organization as a whole in light of the pursued strategies

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