ARmedia Platform

ARmedia Platform

ARmedia Platform

Inglobe Technologies


Creating high quality Mixed Reality experiences can be very complex and require a lot of coding. This is especially true also considering the variety of application domains, target hardware platforms and the rise of mobile devices in the market.


We wanted to create a cross-platform toolbox that could allow users to create high quality Mixed Reality (AR and VR) without coding using different tracking methods that could be delivered on all the mobile platforms.


While working in Inglobe we helped create a platform to create and publish AVR content for PCs, mobiles and the web. The platform allows anyone without coding skills to publish high quality interactive content. Applications of the platform have been deployed across different verticals. Plugins to third party 3D software have been devised to speed up content creation.


Targeting a lot of different mobile devices in the market. Managing a complex technology stack and providing continuity of service.


We reached more than 60.000 registered users across the globe. Several Apps were customized and connected to the platform recently. ARmedia is considered the first example of a powerful zero coding AR platform.

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